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Welcome to my homepage  OZ4VV / 5P5V    

  • Active VHF Dx`er  since 1978

  •  1st. Danish Dxcc holder on 50MHz #136 July 1993

  •  Mailing Adress:
     Finn Kristensen Gedsteddalen 13 Rise 9640 Farsoe  Denmark

  • The information found on my pages are devoated to VHF Dx`ers World wide

  • This Website is currently under construction,and more pages are planned.

  •  Please feel  free to navigate my pages, and please let me know of  bugs or bad links.




  • This picture showing the band switces of my shortwave tuner, illustrates how things can go wrong when running high power !


  • Vy 73 and good luck  De OZ4VV / 5P5V