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About CMSimple SE

About CMSimple SE


We created this Special Edition of CMSimple 3.2 because we like CMSimple, and think its a great small system. But there are a few things however that are inconvenient in the default installation or confusing for inexperienced users not used to working with CMSimple. We tried to "fix" a few of these issues in this Special Edition!

If you like CMSimple, you will love CMSimple SE !

The overall goal in development was to make CMSimple faster,easier and more fun to work with! The additional features of CMSimple 2.9 SE where added from the or created by Jens Andreas Bröcher, webmaster of and

Included templates

  • "start32se" template - CSS template with horizontal dropdown navigation
  • "cityscape" template - CSS template that changes with time of the day
  • "ap_29se" template - CSS template with the advanced toc navigation
  • "flashtoc" template - CSS template with experimental flash navigation